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Paulias Nguna Matane Edit Profile

Government official

Paulias Nguna Matane was the eighth Governor-General of Papua New Guinea.


Paulias Matane was born on September 21, 1931 in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea; the son of Ilias and Elta (Toto) Matane.


Fom 1947-1950 Paulias Matane studied at Toma Village Higher (later Tauran Primary) School. Then from 1951-1955 he attended Keravat High School. Also in 1956 P. Matane enrolled at Sogeri Teachers’ College and in 1962 he entered at Sogeri High School. In 1963 he studied at Port Moresby Teachers’ College and Mendi for Inspector’s Theoretical and Practical Training.


P. Matane served as the first Papua New Guinean Ambassador to the United States following the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. He was the eighth Governor-General of Papua New Guinea, serving from 29 June 2004 to 13 December 2010.

For many years Matane wrote a column in the Malaysian Chinese-owned newspaper "The National", containing advice to the younger generation.


  • He has written 44 books which deliberately use extremely simple English, focusing in part on his own overseas travels, including three on the State of Israel. His writing is intended to persuade Papua New Guineans that books are a useful source of information and that they should not regard them as something only for foreigners.

    He also founded the United News Agency of Melanesia.


He, together with Grand Chief the Right Honourable Michael Somare, makes a point of wearing a lap-lap rather than trousers.


He is a member of Public Service Board, 1969; National Investment and Development Authority, National Tourism Authority, National Citizenship Advisory Committee and University of Papua New Guinea Council.


He is married to Kaludia Matane.

Ilias Maila Matane

Elsa Toto

Kaludia Matane