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Pauline Jeanette Maria Snoeijs Edit Profile

educator , research scientist , Marine biologist

Pauline Jeanette Maria Snoeijs, Dutch marine biologist, research scientist, educator. Grantee Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, since 1982, Swedish Academy of Sciences, since 1982.


Snoeijs, Pauline Jeanette Maria was born on June 26, 1956 in Veghel, The Netherlands. Daughter of Franciscus Gerardus Martinus and Johanna Petronella (Sanders) Snoeijs.


Bachelor of Science, University Nymegen, The Netherlands, 1978. Master of Science, University Nymegen, The Netherlands, 1982. Doctor of Philosophy, Uppsala (Sweden) University, 1989.


Research assistant Uppsala University, 1982-1988, associate professor, senior lecturer, leader Aquatic Plant Ecology group, since 1993. Researcher Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Uppsala, 1989-1993. Book reviewer Journal Vegetation Science, 1991, Quarterly Review of Biology, 1994.


  • Achievements include basic research on the ecology of algae in the brackish Baltic Sea. Applied research on the effects of cooling water discharges on the marine ecosystem. Description of new diatom species.

    Promotion of research cooperation between the nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway) and the former Soviet Union (Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Poland.


Franciscus Gerardus Martinus Snoeijs

Johanna Petronella (Sanders) Snoeijs