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Pavel Afanas'evich Buryshkin

businessman , politician

Pavel Buryshkin, Businessman, politician.


Buryshkin, Pavel was born on February 9, 1887 in Moscow into the family of a rich merchant.


Representative of the famous dynasties of the Moscow merchant princes, whose generosity financed the cultural flowering of pre-World War I Russia. Created the Museum of Old Moscow. His sister was attracted to anthroposophy and the first Goetheanum in Munich was built by Rudolf Steiner with money from the Buryshkins.

Active member of Moscow city administration during World War I and after the February Revolution 1917. Connected with the newspaper Utro Rossii. In 1918 left for Khar’kov.

Emigrated and settled in France. Wrote a book on the Moscow merchant families, Moskva Kupecheskaia, published in the USA in the 1950s. A well-known freemason and historian of the Russian freemason movement.