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Pavel Semenovich Zhukov


Pavel Zhukov, USSR Photographer.


Zhukov, Pavel was born in 1870 in Simbirsk.


After secondary school, moved to Petersburg and became apprenticed to the then wellknown photographer Konstantin Shapiro. Became a portrait photographer. The studio he worked in enjoyed the patronage of the Petersburg Academy of Arts, and as a young photographer, he was given the opportunity of visiting the Petersburg College of Arts and the Academy of Arts in Rome.

Before the Revolution, took a series of portraits of distinguished personalities from Russian literature and art. Photographed Tolstoy, Chekhov, Kuprin, Tchaikovskii, Rubinstein, and others. Also took many photographs in factories, theatres, shops, and on the streets of Petersburg.

After the October Revolution, appointed chief photographer of the political administration of the Petrograd military district. Documented many events and VIPs. In 1920, transferred to Moscow to photograph leading political and social figures, such as Kalinin, Lunacharskii and Chicherin.

Responsible for one of the best known pictures of Lenin. During the 1930s, photographed 5-year-plan projects around the country. A large part of his collection is held in the State Archive in Leningrad.