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educator , Psychiatrist

Pedro Ridruejo, Spanish psychiatrist, educator. Achievements include research in risk factors in dementia pathology; research in the areas of environmental psychiatry, psychogeriatrics, and psychomedical/psychosomatic problematics. Recipient scholarship, Rockefeller Foundation, 1957-1958, Harvard University, 1962, Medall Cross Isabel La Catolica, Minister Foreign Affairs, 1960, Minister Education, 1965, 1968.


Ridruejo, Pedro was born on February 26, 1931 in Soria, Spain. Son of Emiliano Ridruejo and Maria Eusebia Alonso.


Juris Doctor, University Complutense, Madrid, 1953. Master of Science in political and economic science, University Complutense, Madrid, 1963. Doctor of Philosophy, University Complutense, Madrid, 1964.

Bachelor of Science in educational science, University Barcelona, 1965. Bachelor of Science in psychology, University Complutense, Madrid, 1971. Bachelor of Science in biological science, University Valencia, 1976.

Doctor of Pharmacy, University Complutense, Madrid, 1977. Doctor of Medicine, University Pais Vasco, Bilbao, Spain, 1980.


Fellow University Paris, 1957—1958, Harvard University, 1961, Munich University, 1962. Assistant professor philosophy University Complutense, Madrid, 1959. Full professor philosophy High School Teruel, Spain, 1960.

Director Guadalupe Residence, Madrid, 1960—1962. Full professor psychology School Teachers, Alava, Spain, 1963, School Publicity, Madrid, 1964. Director Institute Applied Psychology, Albacete, Spain, 1964—1967.

Aggregate professor University Complutense, Madrid, 1967—1968. Director University College Toledo, Spain, 1969—1970. Full professor, chairman University Valencia, Spain, 1972—1975, University Autonoma of Madrid, 1975—1978.

Psychiatrist in clinical social security Social Security, Leganes. Moratalaz, Spain, 1978—1983. Consultant, teacher Crownsville Hospital Center, Annapolis, Maryland, 1980.

Director, research group FONAS, Madrid, 1981. Private consultant psychoneuroendocrinology, 1982—1985. Full professor and chairman in psychiatry, school medicine University Autonoma de Madrid, 1986—2002.

Director department psychiatry University Autonoma Madrid, 1995—2002. President, chairman medical psychology Spanish Society Psychiatry, 1998—2002. Professor emeritus psychiatry University Autonoma Madrid, since 2002.

Psychiatry consultant National Institute Social Security, Madrid, 1978—1983. Consultant teacher Crownsville Hospital Center, Maryland, 1980. Chairman Universities Murcia, Valencia, Automoma de Madrid, director, dean, 1980—1981.

Spanish delegate Conference Health Ministers Latin American, Madrid, 1981. Director master in psychotherapy University Autonoma Madrid, 1998—2002. Speaker in field; science committee member Wold Association Psychiatry.


  • Achievements include research in risk factors in dementia pathology. Research in the areas of environmental psychiatry, psychogeriatrics, and psychomedical/psychosomatic problematics.


Member of World Association Psychiatry, Spanish Society Psychosomatic Medicine, Spanish Society Gerontopsychiatry, Spanish Society Legal Psychaitry, Spanish Society Psychogeriatry, Spanish Society Biological Psychiatry, International Psychogeriatric Association, American Psychiatric Association, Spanish Society Psychiatry.


  • Other Interests

    Swimming, travel, music.


Emiliano Ridruejo

Maria Eusebia Alonso