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Pedro Ezequiel Rojas Edit Profile

also known as Pedro Ezequiel de Rojas y Rojas


Pedro Ezequiel de Rojas y Rojas was a Venezuelan politician. He was Extraordinary Representative and Minister of Venezuela for the U.S. government. He was also a member of the Governing Board of the Pan American Union and Individual National Academy of History.


He went to school at the National College of Cumana, which he had to stop by destruction of the headquarters of the Institute, on the occasion of the earthquake on July 15, 1853.


He was a journalist and in 1860 moved to Caracas and served in the government of Bolivar, Miranda today, retiring from public life, provisionally, by the triumph of General Guzman Blanco. In 1877 he went back to politics and left the country the following year. From 1900 to 1901, represented Venezuela in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Minister of Public Instruction in 1903 and then, of Foreign Affairs until 1908. He attended the 1894 Constitutional and Constitutional Congress as Miranda State Senator, during the government of General Ignacio Andrade and from 1909 until his death in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

After receiving the honors, both in Atlantic City and in Washington, he moved to La Guaira and was buried in the General Cemetery South of the City of Caracas.


Pedro Elías Rojas y Casanova

Josefa Isabel de Rojas y Martínez de Rivas