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Peter Riedl Edit Profile

publisher , Radiologist , university professor

Peter Riedl is a prominent radiologist in Austria. He is a professor of medicine at the University of Vienna. Beside his activities in the field of radiology he is working to adapt and explain Buddhism and meditation to European audiences. Peter Riedl is the founder and publisher of “Ursache & Wirkung”, the leading journal on topics related to Buddhism in German language.


Peter Riedl was born in 1943. He attended the Medical school at the University of Vienna. In 1974 he got his specialist's degree in radiology. During the 1970s he was head of the radiology department at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. In 1979 Peter Riedl founded the „Diagnose Zentrum Urania“ in Vienna, one of the leading diagnostic centers in the German-speaking world. 1980 Peter Riedl submitted his Habilitation thesis on radiology to the University of Vienna and received qualification to teach at university level. 1998 the University of Vienna awarded him the degree of University Professor. Riedl is author und co-author of several scientific contributions to publications and books.