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Peter Clingerman FISHBURN

economist , mathematician

Peter C. FISHBURN, economist in the field of Microeconomic Theory; Social Choice; Economics of Uncertainty and Information. International Education Award, American Society Tool Engineering, 1957; Lanchester Prize, Operations Research Society of America, 1970; Fellow, Econometric Society, 1974.


Fishburn, Peter Clingerman was born on September 2, 1936 in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Hummel and Rebecca Hicks (Clingerman) Fishburn.


Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Engineering) Pennsylvania State University, 1958. Doctor of Philosophy (Operations Research), Case Institute, Institution, Technology, 1962.


Technical Staff, Research Analysis Corporation, McLean, Virginia, 1964-1970. Visiting Lector, Technical University Denmark, 1967. Member, Institute, Institution Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, 1970-1971.

Research Professor Management Science, Pennsylvania State University, 1971-1978. Technical Staff, Mathematics Sciences Research Center, American Telephones & Telegraph Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey, United States of America, since 1978. Editorial Board, Econometrica,

1972-1978, Operations Research, 1974-1978, Annals Statistics, 1974-1980, Theory & Decision, since 1974, Mathematics Operations Research,

1975- SIAMJ. Applied Mathematics, 1976-1983,

J.Mathematics Psychol., since 1977, Discrete Applied Mathematics, since 1978, Journal of Economic Theory, since 1978, Mathematics Social Science, since 1979, Order, since 1982, Social Choice and Welfare,

1982 - Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, since 1982, Annals Operations Research, 1983.


  • International Education Award, American Society Tool Engineering, 1957. Lanchester Prize, Operations Research Society of America, 1970. Fellow, Econometric Society, 1974.



My early work focussed on expected utility theory (von Neumann & Morgenstern, Savage) and decision theory, including axiomatisations, analyses with incomplete information, and multivariate models. This led naturally to social choice theory in the late 1960s, and during the 1970s my research was divided about evenly between individual decision theory and social choice theory. These interests continue today, and in the early 1980s have involved concentrated efforts on new nonlinear utility theories and the practical assessment of alternative election schemes.

Concurrently, I have become more interested in several areas of discrete mathematics, includ

ing partially ordered sets and graph theory. These latter interests threaten to dominate the earlier interests but have not yet succeeded in doing so.


Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science, Econometric Society, institute Mathematics Statistics. Member Institute Operations Research and Management Science (Frank P. Ramsey medal 1987, John von Neumann prize 1996), Society Mathematics Psychology, Mathematics Association American, American Mathematics Society.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, gardening, nature appreciation.


Married Janet Louise Forsythe, August 23, 1958. Children: Susan, Katherine Fishburn Miller, Sally.

Hummel Fishburn

Rebecca Hicks (Clingerman) Fishburn

Janet Louise Forsythe

Susan Fishburn

Katherine Fishburn Miller Fishburn

Sally Fishburn