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Peter Harald RAUEN

Member of the Bundestag

Peter Harald RAUEN, German Member of the Bundestag.


RAUEN, Peter Harald was born on January 26, 1945 in Salmrohr, Bernkastel-Wittlich, West Germany.


Apprentice mason; vocational school. Technical college.


Chairman, District Young Union, Trier. Member of Kreistag since 1979. District chairman, middle classes assn., Trier since 1981.

Member of Municipal council Salmtal and Association, municipal council WittlichLand, 1974-1983. Member of Diet Rhineland-Palatinate, 1983-1987. Chairman. District Bemkastel-Wittlich since 1985.

Member of Bundestag; Engineering graduate. Construction business, selfemployed since 1967. Managing Director, Construction GmbH Peter Rauen and Pamters of Peter Rauen KG.

Member of Full Assembly of Craftsmen’s Guild Trier. Chairman, FSV Salmrohr since 1971.


Roman Catholic.