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Peter Tali Coleman

lawyer , Governor of American Samoa

Peter Tali Coleman, former Governor of American Samoa. Named to the United States Army Hall of Fame Fort Benning, Georgia, 1982; John Hay Whitney Foundation fellowship.


Coleman, Peter Tali was born on December 8, 1919 in Pago Pago, American Samoa. Son of William Patrick and Amata (Aumua) Coleman.


B.B.S. in Economics, Georgetown University, 1949;Bachelor of Laws, Georgetown University, 1951;Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), University Guam, 1970.


Pacific area analyst, Office Ters., Department Interior, Washington, 1951-1952;public defender, planning officer, customs officer, American Samoa, 1952-1955;attorney general, American Samoa, 1955-1956;governor, American Samoa, 1956-1961, 78-85, 89-93;district administrator Marshall Islands district United States Trust Terrace Pacific Islands, Department Interior, 1961-1965;district administrator, Department Interior (Mariana Islands district), 1965-1969;deputy high commissioner, Department Interior (Mariana Islands district), 1969-1976;acting high commissioner, Department Interior (Mariana Islands district), 1976-1977;alternate United States commissioner, (S. Pacific Commission), 1959;special adviser, (United States delegate from Trust Territory Pacific Islands to South Pacific Conference Island Leaders), 1965, 72;head of delegate, (United States delegate from Trust Territory Pacific Islands to South Pacific Conference Island Leaders), 1980-1984;partner, Coleman & Faalevao, 1985-1989.


Coleman was appointed governor of American Samoa in 1956 by President Dwight Eisenhower.


Chairman Western Governors Conference, 1980. Founding member Pacific Basin Development Council, 1980, president, 1982-1983, 89-90. Member standing committee Pacific Islands Conference, 1982-1985, 89—.

Founding chairman Republican Party of America Samoa, 1985-1988, Republican national committeeman, since 1988. Member White House Delaware to Tonga, 1988. American Samoa consul for Nauru Island, 1985-1988.

With Army of the United States, 1940-1945.


Married Nora Stewart, May 31, 1941. Children: William Patrick, Peter Talifiliga, Milton John, Amata, Burton George (deceased), Bruce Joseph, Charles Ulualofaigna, Richard James, Paul Vaelaa, Barrett Francis, Alan David, Sina Ellen, Limonmon Mary.

William Patrick Coleman

Amata (Aumua) Coleman

Nora Stewart

William Patrick Coleman

Peter Talifiliga Coleman

Milton John Coleman

Amata Coleman

Burton George Coleman (deceased)

Bruce Joseph Coleman

Charles Ulualofaigna Coleman

Richard James Coleman

Paul Vaelaa Coleman

Barrett Francis Coleman

Alan David Coleman

Sina Ellen Coleman

Limonmon Mary Coleman