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Peter Trimble Rowe

bishop of the American Episcopal Diocese of Alaska

Peter Trimble Rowe was a Canadian priest who served for decades as the first bishop of the American Episcopal Diocese of Alaska.


Rowe, Peter Trimble was born on November 20, 1856 in Meadowville, Canada. Son of Peter and Mary Rowe.


Graduate Trinity College, Toronto, 1880, A.M., 1882. Doctor of Divinity, Hobart College, and Toronto, U., 1895.


There he earned his Bachelor's degree in 1878, his Master's degree in 1880, and his doctorate of divinity in 1895. Rowe was ordained to the diaconate in 1878 and the priesthood in 1880, by Frederick Dawson Fauquier, bishop of the Diocese of Algoma. In 1895 he was appointed Missionary Bishop of Alaska.

He was consecrated on November 30, 1895 by William Croswell Doane, Ozi William Whittaker, and Thomas A. Starkey. Rowe traveled across his vast diocese for decades, by dogsled, boat and other frontier means. Stuck praised Rowe's dedication in his three books published to combat exploitation of the native peoples among whom they served.

Rowe died in Victoria, British Columbia in 1942.


Married Dora H. Carry, June 5, 1882 (died May 22, 1914).; married second, Rose Fullerton, October 21, 1915.

Peter Rowe

Mary Rowe

Dora H. Carry

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