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Petr Ivanovich Chardynin

film director

Petr Chardynin, USSR Film director.


Chardynin, Petr was born in 1878.


Graduated from the Musical Drama High School of the Moscow Philharmonic.


Worked in provincial theatres. Entered the film industry, 1907. One of the first major directors of the Russian silent cinema.

Made melodramas and comedies. His main players were Vera Kholodnaia and Ivan Mozzhukhin. Made over 60 films including Kreitserova Sonata.

1911, Domik v Kolomne, 1913, and Natasha Rostova, 1915. After the death of Kholodnaia and the emigration of Mozzhukhin, he himself emigrated in 1921. In 1923 returned to the USSR.