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Petr Andreevich Gusev

choreographer , ballet teacher

Petr Gusev, USSR Choreographer, ballet teacher.


Gusev, Petr was born on December 29, 1904 in Petersburg.


Graduated from the Petrograd Choreographic School, 1922.


One of the organizers of the Ballet de la Jeunesse, 1923. Dancer at the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theatre, 1922-1935, and soon one of its leading dancers. Starred with the Bolshoi Theatre, 1935-1945.

Made guest appearances at the Leningrad Malyi Theatre, 1933-1935. Artistic Director of the Kirov Theatre, 1945-1950. Choreographer of the Kirov Theatre, 1960-1962.

From 1958-1960, headed a ballet school in China. Organizer of the Ballet Theatre in Peking. Organizer of choreographic schools in Shanghai and Canton.

At the same time taught in ballet theatres and schools in Leningrad and Moscow. From 1976, head of the Ballet Department of the Leningrad Conservatory. From 1973, professor.