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Philip B. Zimmerman Edit Profile

Graphic designer

Philip B. Zimmerman is a graphic designer, has shown extensively nationally and internationally, and among other awards, has received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships.


Philip B. Zimmerman was born in 1951 in Bangkok, Thailand.


He received his BFA from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (1973). He received an MFA at VSW (of State University of New York), Rochester, in 1980.


For two years he taught photo-silk screen at Allofus Art Workshop in Rochester and in the VSW Summer Institute. Zimmermann’s primary research involves visual narrative and the time-based use of text and image. He has been creating photographically-based artists’ books for almost 40 years. Especially interested in the book format, he uses printmaking mediums such as photo-offset and photo-silkscreen "as a tool for expression rather than merely as a way of reproducing photographs."


  • PUBLICATIONS Books: C-Commercial, 1979; The Rusty Plate, w/Tim Ahern, 1979; Spine, w/ Joan Lyons, 1979; The Cure, 1977, Excerpts From Alphaville, 1977 (self-pub.); Calles i Reculls, 1975 (G. Gili Editorial: Barcelona, Spain).


Quotations: He says: In addition to being a great vehicle for communicating directly to an audience, artists books have the wonderful advantage of being time-based like video, animation and film. Static pictures on a wall seem an impoverished way of making an artistic statement after one works with sequence, rhythm, movement, translucency, and the narrative arc.


Zimmerman has belonged to SPE since 1977.


  • Other Interests

    His major influences have been Keith Smith, Gary Frost, John Wood and Joan Lyons.