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Philippe MONFILS


Philippe MONFILS, Belgian Senator.


MONFILS, Philippe was born on January 4, 1939 in Liège, Belgium.


University of Liège, Dr of Law, 1962.


Advisory Councillor, Cabinet of Minister of French Culture, 1968-1972. Advisor, Government Committee on Culture, 1972-1974. Head, Cabinet of Minister for Institution Reforms, 1974-1976.

District Cnclr, for Liège, 1976. Head Secretary of State for the Economy for Wallonia Region, 1976-1977. Juridicial Cnclr, Private Councillor, Press Officer of French and Belgian Community, 1977-1980.

Head of Cabinet of Secretary of State for the French Community 1980. Head of Cabinet of President Jean Gol, 1981. Provincial Councillor for Liège, 1977-1981.

National Councillor, for Liège, 1981-1985. Minister of Social Affairs for French Community, 1981-1985. Senator for Liège, since 1985.

Chairman of Executive Committee of French Community, 1985-1988. Member of Senate Commissions for Foreign Affairs, Justice, Education and Science, Public Health, the Environment, Constitutional and Institutional Reforms, the Party, Assembly of the Council of Europe and Assembly of the Western European Union. Campaign Officer of Senate Commission for Social Affairs.

Member of Wallonia Regional Council. Member of National Exec, of Parliament. Assistant, Department of Administrative Law, University of Liege, 1962-1968.