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mechanical engineer

Philippe Villers, American Mechanical engineer. E-mail: pvillers@igc.org. National Science Foundation graduate fellow, 1959-1960.


Villers, Philippe was born on June 20, 1935 in Paris. Arrived in the United States, 1940, naturalized, 1946. Son of Raymond and Garda (Schmidt) Villers.


Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sciences cum laude, Harvard University, 1955. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960.


Member manufacturing training program, General Electric Company, 1955-1958; project engineer, Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Wilton, Connecticut, 1959-1962; project engineer Apollo Antenna pointings sensor, Barnes Engineering Company, Stamford, Connecticut, 1962-1965; project manager, Advanced Products Center, Link Group, General Precision, Inc., Binghamton, New York, 1965-1967; manager advanced products, Concord Control, Inc., Boston, 1967-1969; co-founder, senior vice-president, director, Computervision Corporation, Bedford, Massachusetts, 1969-1980; founder, president, director, Automatix, Inc., Billerica, Massachusetts, 1980-1984; Chairman of the Board, Automatix Inc., Billerica, Massachusetts, 1984-1986; founder, president, director, Cognition Inc., 1985-1988. Board directors Xyvision, Inc., Wakefield, Massachusetts, chair 1992-1994. Board directors Conflict Management Group, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Energia Global, Wakefield, Grainpro Inc., Concord, Massachusetts, president, since 1996, Rowecom, Inc., Cambridge.


  • Achievements include patents for process welding aluminum liners to steel surfaces. Patents for a horizon sensor for visible wavelength. Patents for infrared roughness testing instrument.

    Patents for improved thermopile construction thermal die marker. Patents for method for long term storage of a bulk biologically active commodity. Patents for solar sail applications for interpanetary probe propulsion and stabilization.

    Patents for method and apparatus for targetless wafer alignment. Patents for method and system for transporting and storing commodities.


Delaware Democratic National Convention, 1988, 1992. Member Democratic Town Committee, Wilton, 1963, Concord, Massachusetts, since 1978, chairman, 1984—1996. Member Harvard Committee University Resources, 1981—1992.

Member various visiting committees Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981—1991. Member visiting committee National Bureau Standards, 1981—1984. Trustee University Lowell, 1985—1991.

Member advisory board Institute Global Leadership Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, since 2005. Founder and president Families United States of America Foundations (formerly Villers Foundation), Washington, since 1981, Bay State Retiree Volunteer Council, Concord, 1989—1992. Member of American Civil Liberties Union (president committee since 1981, board directors Physicians Human Rights 1991-1994), American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Unitarian-Universalist Association (president council 1982-1986), Amnesty International (board directors 1990-1996, ombudsman 1992-1996, member executive committee 1994-1996, member leadership council since 1995, coordinator Concord group 15 since 1998), Sigma Xi.


Married Annie Louise Young, July 13, 1957 (divorced 1973). Children: Jocelyn Anne (deceased), Renata Jane. Married Katherine Stephan, 1973.

Children: Noel Stephan, Carolyn Grace.

Raymond Villers

Garda (Schmidt) Villers

Annie Louise Young

Katherine Stephan

Jocelyn Anne Villers (deceased)

Renata Jane Villers

Noel Stephan Villers

Carolyn Grace Villers