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Ping-wen Su Edit Profile


defender , commander

Mr. Su was a Commander of the Chinese Eastern Railway Defense Army and defender of Hailar against Japanese invasion.


Gen. Su Ping-wen was born in Hsin-Min district, Liaoning, China in 1891.


He graduated Paoting Military Officers' College.


Gen. Su Ping-wen participated in the First Revolution of 1911 and assisted in the overthrow of the Manchu Dynasty, served as a battalion commander in 1918 when China declared war on Germany and was charged with the defense of the area between Vladivostok and Shunchengtse. He was decorated by many Foreign Governments for this service, promoted successively as Commander of 6th Brigade and Commander of 17th Division of Fengtien Army and appointed Chief-of-Staff with the rank of Major-General to the Headquarters of the Governor of Heilungkiang (Gen. Wan Fu-ling) in 1929 and concurrently Director of the Frontier Defense Bureau.

Mr. Su took active part in the SinoRussian War of 1929 and was awarded a decoration by the Chinese Government for distinguished field service. After the death of Gen. Liang Chun-cha who was taken captive by the Russians, he was promoted Governor-General of Hailar Region and concurrently Commander of Chinese Eastern Railway Defense Army which posts he held at the time of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931.

He declared opposition against the Japanese puppet "Manchukuo" and fought against the Japanese in Hailar region in Sept.-Nov., 1932. After putting up a valiant resistence at Hailar, his army finally collapsed in face of the overwhelming Japanese Force and he was forced to take refuge in Russia where he remained for almost half a year. He returned to China with Gen. Ma Chan-shan and other Manchurian volunteer leaders in May, 1933 and was appointed a member of the Military Affairs Commission of the National Government in Nanking, China in June 22, 1933.