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Ping-Yat Wu Edit Profile

also known as Wu Cheng-yu


Ping-Yat Wu was a Chinese lawyer.


He was born in Kwangtung, China in 1889.


Ping-yet Wu joined the Tungmenhui while a student in Japan. He became director of the Tungmenghui in America and established the Young China Morning Post on the West Coast secretary to Dr. Sun while the latter was in America in 1911. He also assisted in the reorganization of the Revolutionary Party and carried on propaganda in the Philippines and Straits Settlements.

Mr. Wu returned to China in 1917 and helped start the Republican News, Shanghai, China. Later he went to Canton and devoted his time to educational and legal work. He established Ling Hai Public School and became president of the Chinese Labor Union, the first labor organization in China. Then he successively became secretary in the President's office, judge of the Supreme Court, high adviser to the Yunnan and Kwangsi armies, councillor of the National Construction Allied Army, professor in the Shanghai Law College and legal adviser to the Shanghai General Labor Union. Ping-yet Wu was in private law practice in Shanghai for many years.