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Platon Illarionovich SEREBRYAKOV


Platon SEREBRYAKOV, Musicologist. Professor, of musicology since 1948; Doctor of Art Criticism since 1933; Doctor of Law, since 1935; Honoured Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1948; Deputy Chairman, USSR Music Fund, since 1959; Chief. Editor, State Music Publ. House, since 1951; member, Communist Party. since 1940. Order of Lenin, 1950; Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1955; Badge of Honor, 1940.


SEREBRYAKOV, Platon was born in 1900 in St. Petersburg.


1918 graduated piano class, 1923 composition class and Dept, of Musicology, Petrograd Conservatory. 1925 graduated Law Faculty, Leningrad University.


1925-1927 Head, Repertory Section, Mariinsky (now Kirov) Academy Theater of Opera and Ballet. Instructor, Musicology Department, Leningrad Conservatory. 1928-1930 Editor, State Music Publ.

House; 1931-1933 member, State Theater and Music Research Institute. 1934-1937 senior inspector, USSR Popular Commissariat of Education. 1938-1950 Head, Repertoire Department, Bolshoy Theater.

Simultaneously instructor in musical criticism, Moscow Conservatory. Attended International Congresses of Musicologists in: Stockholm, 1948. Salzburg, 1950; Milan, 1956.

And Warsaw, 1959.