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Priscilla Sherotsky is a painter and writer.


Priscilla Sherotsky was born in Colorado.


Priscilla studied Design and Fine Art at Cornish College, followed by Natural Science Illustration at the University of Washington. In the mid 70s at the Burke Museum on campus she trained (3 years) as a curator specializing in Northwest Indians.


Today Priscilla is painting in several mediums and occasionally she is writing a book. When evolving as an illustrator, her SIDGFA signature developed into a business of Art Cards out of Kirkland WA - 1994 to 07. She worked at the UW's Learning Resources as a Designer around 1977, at the University Washington in Seattle. When raising her family Priscilla trained at the University of Washington Burke Museum; she was initiated as a docent in 1974. Following her earliest college studies, she designed aircraft interior mock-ups at Walter Darwin Teague Associates in Renton WA.


  • She placed in The Northwest Annual, Fry Museum in Seattle about 1979.

    She is listed within Who's Who In The West, and she is listed in the Cambridge Dictionary of International Biography.


After serving on boards at Eastside Association of Fine Arts and Puget Sound Sumi Artists, Priscilla sojourned with mythologists and dream makers within Jungian Studies, while visiting Zurich Switzerland in 2009; she goes beyond 10 years with her local membership at CG Jung Seattle. Into the 80's she worked with Lake Washington School District planning the Arts for 2001; and she chaired The Cultural Arts for the lower school in Redmond WA.


Like most Swedes, Priscilla is kind. She gets things done and her projects reflect dedication and passion. Her sense of beauty includes balance, integrity and wholeness. From the past are her many friends who share interest in art & music.


  • Other Interests

    Travel in Europe


Priscilla & George Sherotsky married in 1969; after 23 years they divorced, another 23 years, - they reunited a couple of years ago. Last year they traveled to Marseille and Aix en Provence. Their grandchildren are under age 8.

George Sherotsky

our son:
Steven - is Swedish-Ukrainian - Steven loves skiing and caring for people as a ski-patrol.

While always appreciative of the natural environment, Steve enjoys his geology as well as computer science and the business market it offers him.

Mary Kramarenko - Mary is a retired Brooklyn High School painting instructor at a private school.

Mary paints and exhibits her work with passion.

my book editor:
Connie Hutchison - United States

associated with Washington Poets, Penn Women and Haiku Northwest

Boston Portrait Painter:
Charlotte Wharton - Plain-Air organizer of travel and painting