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Prof. Dr. Lüfter XHUVELI

Deputy of the People's Assembly

Prof. Dr. Lüfter XHUVELI, Albanian Deputy of the People's Assembly. Albanian awards for professional activity, 1963, 1967, 1969, 1982; nominee. International of the Year, 1991-1992, One-in-a-Million, 1992, IBC, Cambridge, United Kingdom. member. Chairmanship of the High Commission of Attestation of Albania, 1975-1990; member, Committee of Science and Technology, 1981-1991; member, American Biographical Research Association, 1992.


XHUVELI, Prof. Dr. Lüfter was born on January 4, 1941 in Vlora, Albania. Parents: Nexhip Xhuveli and Nabile Xhuveli.


Graduate of the Faculty of Agronomy, Tirana, 1962. Candidate of Sciences, 1980. Doctor of Sciences, 1984.

Professor of Sciences, 1986. Spoken languages: English, Russian, Italian.


President, PASH (Albanian Agrarian Party). Member, Presidential Council of Albania, 1991. Deputy, Albanian Parliament.

Member. Cabinet of Ministry of Agriculture. Secretary, Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Relations. Vice-President, Albania Committee for Balkan Co-operation and Understanding.

Agronomist, agricultural cooperative of Kutalli, 1962-1969. Chief of agricultural section, Berati district, 1969-1972. Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee of Berati district, 197275.

Rector, Higher Institute of Agriculture of Tirana, 1975-1988. Professor of plant-breeding and head of plant-breeding Department, Agricultural University of Tirana, since 1988.


  • Wheat Lodging and its Control, 1983. Plant Genetic Improvement, 1984. The Experimentation in Agriculture, 1984.

    Albanian Encyclopaedic Dictionary, co-author, 1985. Phytotechny (editor-in-chief and co-author), 1988. Seed Production, 1988.




Member. Chairmanship of the High Commission of Attestation of Albania, 1975-1990. Member, Committee of Science and Technology, 1981-1991. Member, American Biographical Research Association, 1992.


  • Other Interests

    Poetry, swimming, nature. Pluralism, democracy, agrarian issues.


Spouse Mejtime Xhuveli (née Jaupi), 1965. Children: one son, two d.