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Prof. Dr. Tadeusz IWINSKI

Member of the Sejm

Prof. Dr. Tadeusz IWINSKI, Polish Member of the Sejm. Award for Contributions to the Polish Science, Ministry of education, 1976, 1979, 1983, 1987; Fulbright Scholarship, Harvard University, 1977-1978; Médaillé of National Education, Ministry of Education, 1987; IREX Scholarship, University of California, 1988; Honorary Professor, Pres, of Poland, 1989.


IWINSKI, Prof. Dr. Tadeusz was born on October 28, 1944 in Piastôw, Poland. Parents: Boleslaw Iwinski and Zofia Iwinski (née Maryewska).


Technical University, Warsaw, Master of Science, chemistry and engineering, 1968. University of Warsaw, Master of Arts, African studies, 1971, Doctor of Philosophy, political science, 1973. Academy of Social science, Habilitation, social science, 1981.

Spoken languages: Polish, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Latin.


Member, PZPR, since 1967, Member of Supreme Council, since 1990, Member of Central Executive Committee for International Affairs, 1990-1992, Chairman, Warsaw party, 1990, Member, Presidium of the Supreme Council, since 1992, SDRP. Member of the Sejm, Olsztyn-Elblag, since 1991. Member, Sejm Committee of Foreign Relations, of Contacts with Poles Living Abroad.

Alternate member, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, since 1992. Member, Council of Europe Committee of Migration, Refugees and Demography, of Parliamentary and Public relations. Chairman, Polish-Spanish Parliamentary Group, since 1992.

Engineer, National Silk Plant, Milanowek, 1969. Assistant Professor, University of Warsaw, 1970-1973. Assistant Professor, Professor, Head of Chair, Director of the Institut, of Political Science, Academy of Social Science, 1974-1990.

Member of Committee of Asia, Africa and Latin America, Member of Presidium, 1982-1990, Member of Committee of Political Science, since 1987, Polish Academy of Science.


  • Pertugalia na Zakrecie Historil, 1975. Strategie Polityezne Wspólezesnege Kapitalizmu, 1977. Organizacje Narodowowyzwolencze w Angoli, 1979.

    Ruch rewelucyjny w Afryce, Azji I Ameryce Lacinskiej, 1982. Wspélezesny Neokolonializm, 1986.


  • Other Interests

    Chess, bridge, tennis, travel. International relations, foreign policy, global problems, science, education.


Spouse Malgorzata Iwinski (née Kozikowska), 1976.