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Prof. Giuseppe GUARINO

Minister of Industry and State Holdings

Prof. Giuseppe GUARINO, Minister of Industry and State Holdings.


GUARINO, Prof. Giuseppe was born on November 15, 1922 in Naples, Italy.


Member ad hoc Committee, the European Parliament, 1972. Member Council of the Diplomatic legal Department. Member Ministerial research committees, in particular for the reform of town planning legislation and for the reform of the law affecting State accountability.

Minister for Finance in 6th Fanfani government. Elected Deputy, RomeViterbo-Latina-Frosinone, 1987. Member Committee on Finance.

President, Confederazione Autonomi Sindicati Artigiani (CASA). Minister of Industry and State Holdings. Chair of Administrative law, Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Rome La Sapienza.

Taught Constitutional law. Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Sassari, 1948-1950 and Siena, (1951-1955). Taught Institutions of Public Law, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, University of Naples (1956-1960) and Rome (1961-1969).

Participant of many conferences in Italia, Poland, Costa Rica. Research mission to the USA Mexico and Canada to study the legislation and the structure of the petroleum markets of these countries with regard to the amendment of the Italian petroleum legislation, 1955. Auditor of the Bank of Italy, from 1967.

Formerly administrator in the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro. Mecfond, Montedison, Sofid and SVEI. Founder and Director of Atomo Petrolio Elettricità, first Italian magazine devoted to the legal problems of energy.

Co-Dir., of Diritto dell’Impresa (company law) - magazine, Elected President of Italian Arbitration Association.


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    Scritti di Diritto Pubblico dell Economia, Milan, 1962. Lezioni di diritto Pubblico, Milan, 1969. Scritti di Diritto Pubblico deU’Economia, 2nd serie, Milan, 1970.

    La organizzazione pubblica, Milan, 1977. Dizionario Amministrativo. Milan, 1978.

    Quale costituzione?, Milan, 1980. Quale Amministrazione, Milan, 1985.