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Rajendra Kumar Pandey Edit Profile

director , physics professor

Rajendra Kumar Pandey, Indian physics professor, director. Recipient President award, Indian Science Congress Association, National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development International Centre for Theoretical Physics award, Portici, 1996.


Pandey, Rajendra Kumar was born on June 24, 1953 in Bilaspur, India.


Master of Science, M P Board, 1974. Doctor of Philosophy, M P Board, 1980.


Professor director University Institute of Technology, since 1980. Member Academy Senate Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Bhopal, since 2009, University Senate, 1998—2000, 2007—2009, BoG, National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, BoG, University College Engineering, Bhopal University, 1998—2001. Dean Faculty Sciences, Bhopal University, 1998—2000.

Director University Institute of Technology Bhopal University, since 2007. Director Research and Development Bhopal University, 1998—2000, director Research and Development Institute Physics & Electronics, 1995—2004, director University Computer Center, 1995, head computer science & applications. Coordinator University Grants Commission, New Delhi Sponsered Special Assistance Program, 1994—2004, University Grants Commission, New Delhi COSIST Program, 2000—2005, Program Grant University Grants Commission New Delhi.

Chairman Central Board Studies Member of Parliament University Structuring &Formulation, Board Studies Physics Bhopal University, 1995—2007, Board Studies Electronics Bhopal University, 1995—2001. Visiting professor Osaka University, Institute of Science & Industrial Research, Japan, 2006. Senior Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellow Waseda University, 2005.

Lecturer Keio Kanki University, Kobe University, University Kantogakuin, Japan. Director University Malaya. International Centre for Theoretical Physics visiting scientist Milan Polytechnic University, 1989—1990.

Visiting scientist International Center Theoretical Physics, Trieste, 1989. Lecturers in fields.


  • Achievements include research in established electrodeposition as a technique to synthesize a wide variety of technologically important materials. Research in electrodeposition strategies such as selective electrodeposition for growing high purity compound semiconductor films from low purity precursors, nonaqueous electrodeposition technique for CdTe films, in situ characterization of electrodeposited semiconductors. Development of wet synthesis route for growing self organized quantum dots of ZnSe and other II-VI semiconductor, and established correlation between the structure size, strain and luminescence properties.

    Development of single bath electrodeposition technique for coherent multilayers of the type Cu/Co-Ni. Development of multimode and wet/vacuum/low temperature atomic force microscope, X- ray diffractometer with grazing angle attachment. Development of the process for thick copper metallisation and pattern generation on allumina substrates for thermoelectric coolers under a Defense Research Development Organisation sponsored project.

    Development of process for nickel barrier coating for the semiconducting elements of the thermoelectric coolers. Development of electrochemical process for passivation of the mercury cadmium telluride detectors under the Defense Research Development Organization sponsored project.


Fellow: Institute Electronics & Tele-committee Engineers, New Delhi. Member: Materials Research Society (vice president bhopal chapter), Indian Physics Association (life), Indian Science Congress Association (life), Solid State Ionics Society, India (life), Materials Research Society India (life), Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata (president materials science section 2005-2006).