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musician , singer , songwriter

Randy Newman, Singer, songwriter, musician. Recipient Grammy award for best instrumental composition, 1984.


Newman, Randy was born on November 28, 1943 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Son of Irving and Adele Newman.


Degree, University of California.


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    • Arranger, singer, songwriter, musician various record firms. Singer-composer: (albums) including Randy Newman, 1968, Twelve Songs, 1969, Live, 1971, Sail Away, 1972, Good Old Boys, 1974, Little Criminals, 1977, Born Again, 1979, Trouble In Paradise, 1983, Land of Dreams, 1988, Bad Love, 1999. (with others) Randy Newman's Faust, 1995.

      Appeared in film: Ragtime, 1981. Also television and concert engagements. Music composer for films: Performance, 1970, Pursuit of Happiness, 1971, Cold Turkey, 1971, Ragtime, 1981, The Natural, 1984 (Grammy award for Best Instrumental Composition, 1984), Three Amigos (also co-wrote screenplay), 1986, Parenthood, 1989, Avalon, 1990, Awakenings, 1990, Toy Story, 1995 (Annie award for Individual Achievement in Music, 1995), Michael, 1996, James and the Giant Peach, 1996, Cats Don't Dance, 1997 (Annie award for Feature Video Production Music, 1997), A Bug's Life, 1998 (Grammy award for Best Instrumental Composition for Motion Picture, 2000), Pleasantville, 1998, Toy Story 2, 1999 (Grammy award for Best Song Written for Motion Picture, 2001, Annie award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature Production, 2000), Meet the Parents, 2000, Monsters, Incorporated, 2001 (American Society of Composers award for Top Box Office Film, 2001, Acad award for Best Original Song, 2002, Grammy award for Best Song Written for Motion Picture, 2003), Mike's New Car, 2002, Seabiscuit, 2003 (American Society of Composers award for Top Box Office Film), Mr.

      3000, 2004, Meet the Fockers, 2004 (American Society of Composers award for Top Box Office Film, 2005), Cars, 2006 (Grammy award for Best Song Written for Motion Picture, 2007, American Society of Composers award, 2007). Composer for television Series: Monk, 2002 (Emmy award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music, 2004, American Society of Composers award for Top television Series, 2005, Emmy award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, Song title: When I'm Gone, Academy of television Arts & Sciences, 2010). Recorded 30 Years of Randy Newman (4 Civil Defense set), 1998.


Married Gretchen Newman. Children: Amos, Eric, John, Patrick, Alice.

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