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Ricardo Luis Urretxo Garcia Edit Profile

Engineer , Civil engineer

Ricardo Luis Urretxo Garcia, Spanish civil engineer. Fellow: American Society of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineering Institute; member: European Association Tech. Engineers, Miranda Golf Club (president 1999—2001). Civil Engineer. Master in Architecture


Garcia, Ricardo Luis Urretxo was born November 4, 1965 in Miranda de Ebro, Spain. Son of Ricardo Urretxo and Luisa Garcia; 2 children Ricardo Luis Urretxo Riofrancos (5-17-2001) and Jose Javier Urretxo Riofrancos (9-18-2003)


Bachelor, Sagrados Corazones, 1982; Diploma in Tech. Engineering, University Valladolid, 1989; Degree in Civil Engineering, University Murcia, 2001; Degree in Road Channels and Port Engineering, University A.X., 2003; Registered professional engineer.


Master of works Yarritu Societe Anonyme, Spain, 1988—1989, Marcor Ebro Societe Anonyme, Spain, 1989—1990; production master Cubiertas-Mzov, Spain, 1990—1991; master of works Conorsa, Spain, 1991—1992; technical technician Basque Government, Basque Country, Spain, 1992—1998; director Tiv S.L., Miranda de Ebro, Spain, since 1998; Director Astiv, Basque Country, since 1999; consultant Asintec, Basque Country, since 1999, Ets, Basque Country, since 1999.


  • Fellow: American Society of Civil Engineers

  • Structural Engineering Institute; European Association Tech. Engineers

  • Miranda Golf Club (president 1999?Co2001)


  • Other Interests

    Golf, movies, music, driving, travel


Spouse Maria Pilar Riofrancos, June 15, 1965.