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Richard A. POSNER

economist , expert , lawyer

American lawyer and an expert on law; currently holds the post of judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals (United States Court of Appeals), and a lecturer at the Chicago Law School (Chicago Law School). Richard is considered one of the most important contemporary experts in the theory of law and economics.


POSNER, Richard A. was born in 1939 in United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts Yale University, 1959. Bachelor of Laws Harvard University, 1962.


In 1969, Posner was appointed Professor at the University of Chicago. There's also taught his son - Eric Posner. Richard Posner is one of the founders of the Journal of Legal Studies (1972).

President Ronald Reagan appointed Judge Posner's Seventh District in 1981 [2]. He served as chief judge of that court from 1993 to 2000, while remaining a professor at the University of Chicago.


  • Member, American Law Institute, Institution, American Bar Association, American Academy of Arts and Sciences.



Use of economic theory to explain the common law. Economic analysis of antitrust law. And economic analysis of the State.