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Richard Worsam Meade Edit Profile

Naval officer

Richard Worsam Meade, Spanish naval officer.


Meade, Richard Worsam was born on March 21, 1807 in Cadiz, Spain. Son of Richard Worsam and Margaret (Butler) Meade.


Graduated from St. Mary’s College, Baltimore.


Became midshipman United States Navy, 1826. Served 1st duty aboard Brandywine in Pacific Ocean, 1827-1830. Served in ship St. Louis, West Indies, 1833-1835.

Commissioned Lieutenant, 1837. Commander of ship Massachusetts, 1853-1855. Relieved of duty during overhaul of naval personnel, 1855, reinstated with rank of commander (from 1855), 1857.

Promoted captain, 1862. Commander of ship San Jacinto, E. Gulf Squadron, 1864, grounded San Jacinto on No Name Key, Bahama Islands, 1865, suspended from duty for 3 years, 1866. Retired because of illness, 1867.


Married Clara Forsyth Meigs, December 5, 1836, 5 children including Richard Worsam, Henry Meigs, Robert Leamy, 2 daus.

Richard Worsam Meade

Margaret (Butler) Meade

Clara Forsyth Meigs