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Ridah Abdul Elah MURSHID

Assistant Deputy Minister for Pilgrimage Affairs

Ridah Abdul Elah MURSHID, Assistant Deputy Minister for Pilgrimage Affairs. Arkansas Traveller Certificate, awarded by Governor of Arkansas.


MURSHID, Ridah Abdul Elah was born in 1933 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Commerce=B.Comm. (Business Administration), Master of Business Administration (Public Administration).


Librarian and Laboratory Man, Medina Secondary School. Secretary to General Manager, Printing Press and Publishing Organization, Jeddah. Clerk, Projects and Companies Department, Ministry of Finance, Jeddah.

Secretary to Director-General for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Jeddah. Assistant to Director-General for Economic Studies, Ministry of Finance, Jeddah. Director of Economic Studies Department, Ministry of Finance, Riyadh.

Chief Administrative Analyst, Central Department for Organization, Ministry of Finance, Riyadh. Director of Personnel Department Ministry of Finance, Riyadh. Administrative Assistant to State Minister for Finance and National Economy, Riyadh.

Member of Islamic Society, Los Angeles, California. Member of Literary and Cultural Club, Mecca. Member of Arab Economic Conference.

Member of Arab Industrial Development, held in Tripoli 1973, 1974. Member of International Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) held in Nairobi 1975. Assistant Deputy Minister for Pilgrimage Affairs.


  • Some research works dealing with administration and organization. Pilgrimage and Endowments. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jeddah branch and Letters of Credits (L/C).


Our life is a journey that presents many paths. But only one path is clear and straight. This path is the path of good Muslim life.


  • Other Interests

    Photography, swimming, reading.