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Robert Gober is an American sculptor. His work is often related to domestic and familiar objects such as sinks, doors, and legs.


Robert Gober was born in Wallingford, Connecticut.


He studied art and literature at Middlebury College, Vermont and the Tyler School of Art in Rome.


Gober settled in New York in 1976 and initially earned his living as a carpenter and handyman, crafting stretchers for artists and renovating lofts. He also worked as an assistant to the painter Elizabeth Murray for five years.

In 1982-83, Gober created Slides of a Changing Painting, consisting of 89 images of paintings made on a small piece of plywood in his storefront studio in the East Village. He made a slide of each motif, then scraped off the paint and began again.

Gober creates his sculptures with a craftsman's precision using wood, wax, and a wide variety of other materials.

While he is best known for his sculptures, he has also made photographs, prints, and drawings and has curated exhibitions.


  • 1984 First solo exhibition in New York

    1992 Takes part in Documenta 9

    2001 Represents the United States at the 49th Venice Biennale

    2007 Robert Gober. Work 1976-2007, retrospective at Schaulager, Basel

    2010 Curates the exhibition Diane Arbus: Christ in a lobby and Other Unknown or Almost Known Works at the Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco


  • painting

    • Untitled Leg

    • Untitled

    • Cat Litter

    • Prison Window

    • Untitled

    • Urology Appointment

    • Open Playpen

    • Untitled

    • Monument Valley

    • Untitled


Quotations: "For the most part, the objects that I choose are almost all emblems of transition; they're objects that you complete with your body, and they're objects that, in one way or another, transform you. Like the ... beds, from conscious to unconscious; rational thought to dreaming; the doors transform you in the sense ... of moving from one space through another."