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Robert Alan Manners Edit Profile

educator , writer

Robert Manners was an American anthropologist, educator, editor and author of a number of books.


Mr. Manners was born in New York, United States, on August 21, 1913.


He graduated from Columbia College during the Great Depression. In 1950 Robert Manners obtained his Doctor of Philosophy from Columbia University.


After graduation from Columbia College, Mr. Manners found work with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration. In 1950, after obtaining his Doctor's degree, he began teaching at the University of Rochester. In 1952 he joined the Brandeis University faculty and remained there until 1979. While at Brandeis, he rose to professor of anthropology by 1961 and established its anthropology department in 1963, becoming its first chairperson.

In 1973 Robert Manners became the school’s Ralph Levitz Professor of Anthropology, moving to emeritus status in 1980. During his career, he also was a visiting professor at Columbia, Harvard, and the Ibero-American University.

Mr. Manners was a member of the social science subcommittee of the National Institute of Health and was editor-in-chief of the American Anthropologist journal. Mr. Manners also served on the board of the Research Institute for the Study of Man.


  • Mr. Manners was highly regarded for his work in the field of anthropology, which included establishing a department devoted to the subject at Brandeis University.

    Robert Manners is renowned for his books and researches. His research pursuits included work in Arizona, Africa, and the Caribbean.