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Minister for Foreign Trade and European Affairs

Robert URBAIN, Belgian Minister for Foreign Trade and European Affairs.


URBAIN, Robert was born on November 24, 1930 in Hornu, Belgium.


Athénée Royal de Dour, high school, latin and maths. 1948; Teacher Training College, Mons, maths., physics.


Municipal Councillor, Hyon, 1964-1969. Leader of Cabinet for Secretary of State for Regional Economy, F. Delmotte, 1968-1971. Deputy, Mons, 1971; Secretary of State for Regional Development and Housing, 1973.

Mayor, Hournu-Boussu, since 1977. Secretary of State for Walloon Regional Economy, 1977-1978. Minister of Post and Telecommunications, 1979-1980.

Minister of Foreign Trade, 1980-1981. Minister of Health and Education for French Community, 1981-1985 and Feb.-May 1988. Member of commissions of Economy and Foreign Relations.

President Belgian Group of Interparliamentary Union, 1985-1988. Local Minister, Social Affairs and Health, February 1988 until May 1988. Minister of Foreign Trade, May since 1988.

Member National Political Bureau, PS. Teacher, 1950-1958; Director, Night School, 1955-1971. Cnclr. Provincial Government of Hainaut, adviser in charge of Economic expansion for Mons, 1958-1968.

Court Clerk, Hainaut, 196971. Member, Administrative Council, University of Mons, 1974-1979. Member Board of Polytechnical Faculty, Mons.