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Robert Hood Bowers, American composer. Awarded Alumni Gold Medal by Franklin and Marshall College for distinguished service.


Bowers, Robert Hood was born on May 24, 1877 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Oliver Cromwell and Ellen Graham (Heyser) Bowers.


Bachelor of Arts, Franklin and Marshall College, 1896, A.M., 1899. Studied music with Thomas Whitney Surette, the late Frederic Grant Gleason, Constantin Von Sternberg, in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Chicago.


1 son, Robert Hood; married second, Catherine Meredith Abrams, June 9, 1936. Won gold medal of Chicago Auditorium Conservatory, 1902. Conductor. Columbia Phonograph Company, 1916-1920.

Mus. director Aeolian Phonograph Company, 1921, Columbia, 1922-1932, commander electrical transcription department National Broadcasting Company, since 1935. Musical director School of Radio Technique, Radio City, New York, since 1935. Conductor Open Air Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, summers.


  • Other Work

    • Composer: Rubes and Roses, 1903. The Paraders, 1903

    • The Maid and the Mummy, 1904. The Vanderbilt Cup, 1906.

      The Hoyden, 1907

    • A Grecian Garden, 1908. The Anniversary, 1908. The Silver Star, 1909.

      The Wife Tamers, 1910. A Certain Party, 1911. The Scare Crow, 1911.

      The Red Rose, 1911

    • The Antique Girl, 1911. California, 1911

    • In the Barracks, 1912. The Little Parisienne, 1912.

      The Red Heads, 1913

    • The Water Cure, 1913. Omika, 1913

    • The Hasty Wedding, 1914. The Lasky Beauties, 1914.

      Garden of Peaches, 1914. Models Abroad, 1915

    • A Daughter of the Gods, 1916. East Is West, 1918

    • A Lonely Romeo, 1919.

      East of Suez, 1922

    • Hail and Farewell, 1923. The Open Road, 1923

    • Old English, 1924. Aloma of the South Seas, 1925.

      Oh, Ernest, 1927

    • Listen In, 1929. The Legionnaires, 1935. Also incidental music for dramatic plays and motion pictures.

      Radio conductor WEAF and WOR, since 1928. Station conductor Station WMCA, 1933-1934.


Married Virginia Belvin, September 16, 1905 (deceased).; married second, Catherine Meredith Abrams, June 9, 1936.

Oliver Cromwell Bowers

Ellen Graham (Heyser) Bowers

Virginia Belvin

Catherine Meredith Abrams