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Roberto Luis Moskowich-Spiegel Edit Profile

news agency director

Roberto Luis Moskowich-Spiegel, Spanish news agency director. Business diplomate; solicitor; journalist. Recipient National Merit medal Spanish Hockey Federation, Madrid, 1968, National Merit medal Spanish Tennis Table Federation, Madrid, 1970, National award Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona, 1975.


Moskowich-Spiegel, Roberto Luis was born on July 14, 1936 in La Coruña, Spain. Son of Emil Moskowich-Spiegel and Otilia Pan-Mosquera.


Business, Business School, La Coruña, 1961. Solicitor, Justice M., Madrid, 1961. Journalist, Madrid J., 1969.

Business master, Bilbao (Spain) Bank, 1972.


Bank agent Banco de La Coruña, Madrid and Santiago, 1958-1962, bank office manager, 1962-1970, Banco de Bilbao La Coruña, 1970-1978, bank branches chief, 1978-1988. Area press chief Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, 1988-1992. Sports drafter Radiocadena Española, La Coruña, 1955-1958, Radio Coruña-"Society for Epidemiologic Research ", La Coruña, 1958-1960, La Voz de Galicia, La Coruña, 1960-1990.

News agency director Galicia Press, La Coruña, 1980-1901, El Ideal Gallego, 1998-2001.


  • Business diplomate; solicitor. Journalist.


President Territorial Hockey Federation, Galicia, Spain, 1965-1969, Provincial Tennis Table Federation, La Coruña, 1969-1975. Vice mayor Town Council, La Coruña, 1979-1983. 2nd lieutenant Spanish Army, 1958-1959.

Member Lions Club International (president 1988-1989, governor 116-A 1992-1993, Melvin Jones award 1990), Adelpha (president 1989-1901, Gold medal 1992), Coral Polifonica El Eco (president 1987-1900, Gold medal 1989), Order de Caballeros de Maria Pita (Commander).


  • Other Interests

    Travels, video, collecting stamps and coins, music and books.


Married Makuka Fandiño-Abeledo, July 14, 1963. Children: Isabel-Sofia, Roberto-Manuel.

Emil Moskowich-Spiegel

Otilia Pan-Mosquera

Makuka Fandiño-Abeledo

Isabel-Sofia Moskowich-Spiegel

Roberto-Manuel Moskowich-Spiegel