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Roger Ward Babson Edit Profile

Economist , statistician

American economist and statistician, notable for Babson Institute foundation, one of the first business schools of its kind, offering courses in finance, production, distribution, and personal efficiency; and Webber College, a similar school for women.


Babson, Roger Ward was born on July 6, 1875 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Nathaniel and Ellen (Stearns) Babson.


He attended the local schools and was graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1898. Bachelor of Science, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1898. Doctor of Laws, University of Florida, 1927, Elon College, 1937, Hendrix College, 1938, American Theological Seminary, 1939. Lebanon Valley College, 1940, Stetson U., 1940.


After working for a Boston investment firm, Babson organized his own bond-selling business in New York, and later joined a public utility bond firm. He moved to Wellesley Hills, Mass., began to publish his analyses and tabulations of business reports for bankers, and in 1904 incorporated the Babson Business Statistical Organization, designed to inform and protect the investor in relation to the safe and profitable use of his funds. Founder of Business Statistics Organization, Babson Park, Massachusetts, 1904. Founder Babson Institute. Co-founder (with wife) Webber College, Babson Park, Florida, also Midwest Institute, Eureka, Kansas.

Chairman board Babson’s Reports, Inc. Director Home Insurance Company. Chairman Gravity Research Foundation.

Director of New Mexico & Arizona Land Company. Former director general information and education, by appointment of the United States Government during World War. Candidate for President, Prohibition Ticket, 1940.

Moderator National Council Congressional-Christian Churches, 1936-1938.


  • He invented the "Babsonchart," distributed the Babson Reports Service, and contributed a column, "Be Right with Babson," to a New York newspaper.

  • In 1919 he founded Babson Institute near Wellesley Hills, one of the first business schools of its kind, offering courses in finance, production, distribution, and personal efficiency. Webber College, a similar school for women, was founded at Babson Park, Florida, in 1927.


  • Autobiography

    • Actions and Reactions

  • book

    • Looking Ahead Fifty Years

  • booklet for the armed forces

    • Why Are We Fighting?


Fellow Royal Statistical Society (London). Lecturer on statistics and economics.

  • General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches of America , United States

    1936 - 1938


Married Grace Margaret Knight, March 29, 1900 (deceased, 1956).

Ellen (Stearns) Babson