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Roger Ludlow

colonial official

Roger Ludlow, British colonial official.


Ludlow, Roger was born in 1590 in England. Son of Thomas Ludlow.


Graduate Balliol College, Oxford (England) University, 1612.


Assistant of Massachusetts Bay Company, 1630. A founder Dorchester (Massachusetts). A leader in early government of colony.

Deputy governor Massachusetts, 1634. Presided over 1st court held in Connecticut, 1636. Credited with drafting Fundamental Orders adopted by colony, 1638/39 (resulted in Code of 1650, known as “Ludlow’s Code,” 1st compilation and codification of Connecticut laws).

Founder Fairfield (Connecticut), 1639. Elected as either magistrate or deputy governor from Fairfield, annually 1639-1654. Commissioner United Colonies of New England, 1651-1653.

Returned to England to serve under Cromwell.


Married Mary Ludlow.

Thomas Ludlow. Ludlow

Mary Ludlow.