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Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson Edit Profile

also known as Joey Tempest

guitarist , vocalist , writer

Rolf Joakim, more famous under the name Joey Tempest isa vocalist of the swedish rock-band "Europe".


As a child Joakim learned to play musical instruments. His sister taught him to play the piano, a friend of his father taught him to play the guitar, and Joakim himself learned played the trumpet. Before becoming a musician Joey Tempest learned how to play the piano and the guitar.During his childhood Joey lived with his parents Eva and Rolf Larsson, his sister Liselott and brother Thomas in Stockholm.


When he was a teenager, he participated in a number of bands such as Jet, Blazer, Made in Hong Kong and Roxanne. At that time he was choosing between playing the rhythm guitar and bass, in addition to lead vocals.

In 1979 he gathered the Force band, together with the guitarist John Norum, the drummer Tony Reno and the bassist Peter Olsson. Three years later, group’s name was changed to Europe. Tempest played the keyboards for the first two albums before the band decided to take a keyboardist Mic Michaeli, who joined them in April 1984. Interestingly enough, it was Michaeli who had lent Tempest the keyboard he used to compose the main keyboard riff in the song "The Final Countdown" years earlier. A jam session took place in 1985, after which Michaeli and Tempest co-wrote the ballad "Carrie". Later that year, Tempest made the soundtrack for the Swedish film On the Loose, as well as the song "Give A Helping Hand" for the benefit project Swedish Metal Aid. The song was produced by future Europe bandmate Kee Marcello. In 1986 Tempest created and produced the album One of a Kind for Tone Norum, John Norum's younger sister.

Tempest also worked together with John Norum on the single "We Will Be Strong" from Norum's album Face the Truth in 1992. This was Tempest and Norum's first cooperation since Norum left Europe in November 1986.

Then Europe took a break which ended in 1992 and after which Tempest released three solo albums. The first album, A Place to Call Home, featured a guest appearance from John Norum on the song "Right to Respect". Several

songs on the third album, Joey Tempest, were co-written by Mic Michaeli. 2004 saw the release of Europe's

comeback album, Start from the Dark, featuring the band's classic Final Countdown line-up with John Norum on guitar. The following album, Secret Society, was released in 2006, Last Look at Eden in 2009, and Bag of Bones in 2012.


  • Joey Tempest is the vocalist and one of the songwriters in the Swedish rock band Europe. He has written hits like "The Final Countdown", "Rock the Night" and "Superstitious". He formed the band "Force" with the guitarist John Norum, the drummer Tony Reno and the bassist Peter Olsson in 1979. "Force" immediately began building a reputation and a fanbase in the suburbs of Stockholm. In 1982 group’s name was changed to Europe and then it won the music competition Rock-Master of Science. The first prize was a record deal with the Hot Records. Tempest and the band achieved a nationwide success in Sweden in 1982 by recording the first album which was given the same name "Europe". The 1984 album "Wings Of Tomorrow" was so successful, that it gave the possibility to Europe to tour the whole Scandinavia. Joey wrote numerous international hits. "The Final Countdown" was the most popular; it topped the sales chart in 26 countries, sold 8 million copies, was played at the closing ceremony at the 1988 Summer Olympics, and became the musical theme of the millennium celebrations.

    Europe released five albums between 1983 and 1991, with Joey Tempest as the singer, frontman and songwriter.


  • musical album

    • Europe, 1983

    • Wings of Tomorrow, 1984

    • The Final Countdown, 1986

    • Out of This World (1988)

    • Prisoners in Paradise(1991)

  • solo album

    • A Place to Call Home (1995)

    • Azalea Place (1997)

    • Joey Tempest (2002)


Quotations: Personal Quote:

"Nothing is constant, except change".


  • 2018


  • Writers

    Stephen King

  • Sport & Clubs

    fotball, hockey, tennis, yoga

  • Other Interests

    He has a pet cat, horses Datchess and Duko, dog Prince.

    Favorite actor -Christopher Walke.

    Favourite actress- Ingrid Bergman.

    Favourite films - Back to Future, The Dead Zone.

    Hobby - drawing, horseriding, photography, cookery.

    Favourite colours - black, blue

    Favourite dish - meatballs and chicken wings.

    He enjoyed sports, such as football, ice

    hockey and competed in go-cart; he once came in fourth place in the Junior Cart

    Race, a Swedish championship.


Lisa Worthington-Larsson - English
Lisa Worthington-Larsson - Wife of Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson

As far as his private life is concerned, Joey met Lisa Worthington in 1995 at the Piccadilly Circus in London, after Joey had lost his wallet. They began dating, and got married on September 29th, 2000 with all of the Europe band members present. They had a son, James Joakim Larsson on October 18th, 2007.Tempest is currently living in London with his family.

James Joakim

Band members:
John Norum
John Norum - Band members of Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson

lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals (1979–1986, 1999, 2003–present)

Band members:
John Levén
John Levén - Band members of Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson

bass (1981–1992, 1999, 2003–present)

Band members:
Mic Michaeli
Mic Michaeli  - Band members of Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson

keyboards, backing vocals, rhythm guitar³ (1984–1992, 1999, 2003–present)

Band members:
Ian Haugland
Ian Haugland - Band members of Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson

drums, percussion, backing vocals (1984–1992, 1999, 2003–present)

Band members:
Tony Reno

drums, percussion (1979–1984)

Band members:
Peter Olsson

bass (1979–1981)

Band members:
Marcel Jacob

bass (1981; died 2009)

Band members:
Kee Marcello
Kee Marcello - Band members of Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson

lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals (1986–1992, 1999)