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Ron Bob Walotsky, Illustrator. Recipient Frank R. Paul award, Kublacon, Nashville, Tennessee, 1987, first prize Boscon, Boston, 1986; first prize I.S.D.C., 1988, first prizeLunacon, New York, 1988, 1st prize in painting Oasis, 1994; named guest artist United States Cultural Center, United States Embassy, Paris, France, 1979; given Key to City, New Orleans, 1994. Member Graphic Artist Guild, Association Science Fiction Artists.


Walotsky, Ron Bob was born on August 21, 1943 in Brooklyn.


Student, School of Visual Arts, 1962-1966.


Illustrator, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, Cornwall, Connecticut, since 1967;illustrator, St. Martins Press, New York City, since 1989;illustrator, Avon Books, New York City, since 1970;illustrator, Doubleday Book and Music Club, New York City, since 1980;illustrator, TOR Books, New York City, since 1980. Teacher Sullivan County Community College, Hurleyville, New York, 1981-1982.


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    • One-man shows include Herst Gallery, Long Island, New York, 1967, Spectrum Gallery, New York City, 1969, West Beth, New York City, 1972, John O'Rourke Gallery, New York City, 1977, Martin Mulinary Gallery, New York City, 1987, The Pike St. Arts Center, Port Jervis, New York, 1990. Exhibited in group shows at The Pendragon Gallery, Los Angeles and Annapolis, Maryland, 1986, Bryce Gallery, Philadelphia, 1988, York Atrium, New York City, 1989-1990, Works of Wonder Gallery, Washington, 1992-1999, Canton (Ohio) Art Gallery, 1996, Ormond Beach Art Museum, 1997-1998, Butterfield Garage Gallery, 2000. Author: Inner Visions, 2000.


Member Graphic Artist Guild, Association Science Fiction Artists.


Son of Joe and Rebecca (Cohen) W., divorced. 1 child, Lennon.

Joe Walotsky

Rebecca (Cohen) Walotsky

Lennon Walotsky