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Rosa (Smirna) Vasileva KORITAROVA

Deputy Chairperson of the Bulgarian Women's Commitee

Rosa (Smirna) Vasileva KORITAROVA, Deputy Chairperson of the Bulgarian Women's Commitee.


KORITAROVA, Rosa (Smirna) Vasileva was born on March 28, 1921 in Goma Dzhumaya (now Blagoevgrad).


Member, Young Communist League, 1936. Member, BCP, 1040; imprisoned, 1943. Partisan, 1944; various posts in BCP City Committees, Dupnitsa, Sofia.

Secretary, Plovdiv City BCP Committee, 1950-1952. Member of Staff, Sofia City BCP Committee, 1952-1959. Secretary, Kyustendil District Party Committee, 1959-1961.

Secretary, Central Council of Trade Unions, 1961-1966, President, 1967-1970, Vice-President, 1971. Deputy. National Assembly, 1962-1979, Member, Presidium, 1966-1971. Member, BCP Central Committee, 1962-1971.

Member, Secretariat of BCP Central Committee, 1968-1971. Ambassador to Switzerland. 1972-1976; Deputy Chairperson, Bulgarian Women's Committee, 1979.