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Rosaria Maria Domianello Edit Profile

Law educator

Rosaria Maria Domianello, Italian law educator. Bar: Ministry Justice, Italy (in legal profession) 1982. Member of International Consortium Law and Religion Studies.


Domianello, Rosaria Maria was born on October 1, 1957 in Messina, Italy. Daughter of Cono Domianello and Teresa Perroni.


Degree in Law, University Messina, 1979.


Researcher law and religion Public Law Department University, Messina, 1983—1992, associate professor, 1993—1999, professor, since 2000. Speaker Law and Religion Meeting, Sorrento, Naples, Italy, 1989, Campobasso, Italy, 2001, 05, Genoa, Italy, 02, speaker and promoter, Messina, 04, speaker, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Caserta, Italy, 07. Temporary professor canon law University Messina, 1991—1999, professor comparative ecclesiastical law, 1993—2000.

Member examination board lawyer Appeal Court, Messina, 1994—1995. Vice-chairman Regional Corporation University students, Messina, 1999—2000. Lecturer law and religion Postgraduate School legal professions University, Messina, since 2001, Postgraduate School (2nd level) Civil law and theory law Department University, Messina, since 2001.

Library science director Faculty Law, Messina, 2001—2008. Partner Italian Association Law and Religion Professors, Rome, since 2002. Speaker Law and Religion International Meeting, Ravenna, Italy, 2006, Como, Italy, 08.

Local co-ordinator national research unity University and Research Ministry, Rome, since 2007. Department chairman Public Law Department, Messina, since 2008, partner international consortium law and religion studies, Milan, since 2009. Specialist parliamentary debate 1st commission (constitutional affaires) Chamber of Deputies, Rome, 2007, 09.


  • Bar: Ministry Justice, Italy (in legal profession) 1982.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor articles to professional journals, chapters to books.


Member of International Consortium Law and Religion Studies.


Married Giuseppe Benvenga, September 9, 1983. Children: Laura Benvenga, Paola Benvenga.

Cono Domianello

Teresa Perroni

Giuseppe Benvenga

Laura Benvenga Domianello

Paola Benvenga Domianello