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Roy A. Langston Edit Profile

Insurance company consultant

Roy A. Langston, American insurance company consultant. Member Mason (32 degree, Shriner), Oak Cliff Shrine Club (president).


Langston, Roy A. was born on February 13, 1912 in Dallas, Texas, United States. Son of Lamar Q. and Gertrude (McDaniel) Langston.


With, Trinity Universal Insurance Company, 1929-1933;with, Traders & General Insurance Company, 1933-1973;director, Traders & General Insurance Company, 1949-1973;executive vice president, Traders & General Insurance Company, 1953-1956;president, chief Executive officer, Traders & General Insurance Company, 1956-1973. Founder Traders Indemnity Company, 1962. Past president Texas Association Fire & Casualty Companies.


Since righteousness is demanded of God, one needs to know how to receive it. It is received through faith. It is having faith in God.


The use of force should be supported, but only in extreme situations and only when the need is clear beyond reasonable doubt, and through appropriate international organizations.


People are called to love God not only with their hearts, but also with their minds. All things should be considered through the light of reason. In order to do that, it is necessary to become aware of different points of view and be able to develop critical thinking in relation to any political or social problem.


Member Mason (32 degree, Shriner), Oak Cliff Shrine Club (president).


Son of Lamar Q. and Gertrude (McDaniel) L. M. Edna Earle Scott, 1936. 1 daughter, Peggy Langston Schieffer.

Lamar Q. Langston

Gertrude (McDaniel) Langston

Edna Earle Scott