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Member of the Nationalrat

Rudolf PARNIGONI, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat. Great Golden Award, for services to Austria; Great Silver Award, for services to Austria.


PARNIGONI, Rudolf was born on July 26, 1948 in Pottschach.


Social Academy of the Chamber of Workers and Employees, Vienna. Vocational school commercial training.


Senior official. Chamber of Workers and Employees, Lower Austria, since 1979. Secretary, Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, district office, Gmund, since 1975. District councillor, Gmund.

District Chairman, Union of Private Sector Employees, since 1980. District Chairman, Sozialistische Partei Österreichs (Socialist Party of Austria), Gmund, since 1987. Member of Nationalrat, for Lower Austria, since 1983.

Employee, Austrian Federal Railways. Employee. Chamber of Workers and Employees, Lower Austria. President, of Verein Biologische Station Gebharts.

Member of Board of Directors, Lower Austrian Medical Insurance Company.