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Rupen Eksergian

consulting engineer.

Rupen Eksergian, American consulting engineer. Recipient George R. Henderson medal Franklin institute, 1937, Worcester Reed Warner medal American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1939.


Eksergian, Rupen was born on March 30, 1889 in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Carnig and Zoe Elizabeth (Huntington) Eksergian.


Bachelor of Science, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1914, S.M. Entertainment, 1915. S.M. Entertainment, Harvard, 1915. Fellow in physics, Clark University, 1916-1917, Doctor of Philosophy., 1928.


1 daughter, Gloria (Mistress Gilbert Shaw). Assistant to vice president in charge engineering Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1920-1929, developed methods of analysis on locomotive design. Construction engineering, E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, 1929-1934.

Chief construction engineering E. G. Budd Manufacturing Company, 1934-1945. Construction engineering The Budd Company, 1945-1951. Responsible for technical phase of stainless steel train developments, starting with Pioneer, Zephyr) construction engineering Bethlehem Steel Company.

Sometime consultant American Car & Foundry, Lukens Steel Company, Day & Zimmermann, Inc., Atomic Power Development Associates, formerly research adviser American Locomotive Company.


  • Contributor of articles for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, including Stresses in Locomotive Frames, The Balancing and Dynamic Rail Pressure of Locomotives, The Design of Light Weight Trains and The Design of Axles and Locomotive Crank Pins. Also papers for Franklin Institute, including The Dynamical Analysis of Machines, Some Applications of Normal Coordinates to Engineering Vibration System, The Fluid Torque Converter and Coupling, The Efficiency of Power Units and The Reaction of Fluids and Fluid Jets. Author of a book on ordnance engineering for United States Army, 1920.

    Analytical research in applied dynamics and dynamics of machinery.


Member of board of managers The Franklin Institute, co-founder, senior staff adviser The Franklin Institute Laboratories for Research & Development, also serves as editor of Franklins Institute Journal. Served as First lieutenant, captain, major, Ordnance Department, United States Army, during World War I. Fellow American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Member Division I, National Defense Research Committee.


Married Maydell Hagenbuch, August 14, 1920.

Carnig Eksergian

Zoe Elizabeth (Huntington) Eksergian

Maydell Hagenbuch