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Saleh Mohamad JAMAL


Saleh Mohamad JAMAL, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mecca; President of Municipal Council, Mecca.


JAMAL, Saleh Mohamad was born in 1920 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Secondary School Certificate.


Clerk at Bait Al-Mal (Treasury). Assistant Clerk, Court of Law. Clerk, Court of Law (Notarial).

Assistant Chief Clerk, Mecca High Court. Chief Clerk, Second Court of Law for Urgent Matters. Director of Warehouses, Public Security Department.

Accountant, Al-Bilad newspaper. Editor-in-Chief, Al-Bilad, owner of Al-Thaqafa bookshop, Dar-El-Thaqafah printing press, Hira magazine and Al Nadwah newspaper, of which he is also Editor-inChief. Member of the Medical Aid Society.

Member of the Constituent Board of the King Abdulaziz University. Member of the Higher Board, Ministry of Pilgrimage. Member of the Mecca Municipal Council.

Member of Executive Council of the Mecca Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Member of the Cultural Club, Mecca. Member of the Conference of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for the Arab Countries.

President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mecca. President of Municipal Council, Mecca.


  • Min Ajli Baladi (For My Country). Madinat Al-Rasool (City of the Prophet). A Guide Book for Pilgrims.


The spiritual life is a realization of Muslim faith and a perfection of practice. It is to seek the path that gives the meaning to lives, minds and souls.


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