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Salverino DE VITO


Salverino DE VITO, Italian Senator.


DE VITO, Salverino was born on January 24, 1926 in Bisaccia, Avellino.


Elected Senator, S. Angelo dei Lombardi, since 1968. Vice-President of Parliamentary Group, Christian Democrats. Member then Pres, of Committee on Budget, Planning and Public Services.

Member Committee of experts, Christian Democrats, for economic problems. Political Head, section for State Participations. Particularly involved in economic and social problems of the South.

Spokesman for the Law 1983 for the South. Member Bicameral Committee for the control of interventions in the South. In the 9th Legislature, Minister for extraordinary events in the South in 1st and 2nd Craxi government, and in 6th Fanfani government.

Drew up the Triennial Plan for Southern interventions, 1985-1987 on the basis of the New Law for the South, for the organic reform of extraordinary interventions. Presenter of Law 44, for the development of young business initiatives.