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Samuel Curlee Lynch, Edit Profile

also known as Sir Sami Lynch

painter , sculptor , writer

Samuel Curlee Lynch, American Painter, sculptor, writer. Registered Society North America Artists. Decorated knight Royal Order (Hutt River Principality); recipient Bronze Medallion of Paris, Academy Raymond Duncan, 1981, Prix du Centennaire, Musèo Duncan, 1981, Salon d'Aout award, 1981, Architectural/Landscape Design Outstanding Artistic Ability award, 1966, Art award, 1970; Royal Patronage, Hutt River Province Principality, 1994, others.


Lynch,, Samuel Curlee was born on July 31, 1953 in Salisbury, North Carolina, United States. Son of Samuel and Mae (Alexander) Lynch.


Student, Windsor (Ontario, Canada) University, 1973. Student, Academy for Arts, New York City, 1978. Student, Raymond Duncan Academy, Paris, 1981.

Student, Writers Institute, Mamaroneck, New York, 1992.


Artist Windsor Sun, 1973-1974. Artist, editor assistant Akwesasne Notes, St. Regis, Canada, 1974. Graphic artist Art Leadley, Windsor, 1974.

Counseling assistant Southwest Regional Centre, Cedar Springs, Canada, 1974-1976. Art director, set. designer Video Variety, New York City, 1977-1979. Instructor painting and sculpture Waterworks, Salisbury, 1980.

Artist, fashion designer DHR/555 Import-Export, New York City and Montreal, 1985-1986. Artist, writer, inventor, designer Fine Arts Restoration/Preservation Service, Landis, North Carolina, since 1986. Commercial product designer, since 1998.

Partner Royal Whispers Note Card Company, principal artist. Vice president Native Cultural Centre, Windsor, 1974. Member Rowan Art Guild, Salisbury, 1980.


  • Registered Society North America Artists, diamond banking account consultant, DeBeers.


  • Other Work

    • Inventor art material Wings Easel. Illustrator, editor The Oracle, 1985-1987. Works include Wedding Party/On a Summer's Night, Storm Shelter, Legends of the Firebird, 2002, Celestial Symphony, 2002.

      Exhibited in group shows. Represented in permenant collections Royal Family of Monaco/Consul de Monaco, Royal Collection of Hutt River Principality. Cinematographer, creative director: (film) Sophistry, 2002.

      Author: Anadolu Contemporary Royal Art, 2003. Co-producer: (documentary) 90 Acre Ark of Safety, 2001.


Artist, Landis Heritage Day Committee, 1987-1994. Member Metropolitan Society des Amis de la Fondation and Fondation Maeght. Member Societe des Amis de la Fondation Maeght.


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: horticulture, wine making, art and antiques collecting, music, architecture.


Samuel Lynch,

Mae (Alexander) Lynch,