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Sarah-Jayne Blakemore Edit Profile

researcher , cognitive neuroscientist

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London and co-director of the Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Neuroscience at UCL.


Blakemore was born on 11 August 1974 to Colin Blakemore and Andrée Blakemore (née Washbourne), and educated at Oxford High School and St John’s College, Oxford where she graduated with a BA degree in Experimental psychology in 1996.


Bachelor in Experimental Psychology, Oxford University, England, 1996. Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosci., University College London, 2000.


She went on to study at University College London where she was awarded a PhD in 2000 for research co-supervised by Daniel Wolpert and Chris Frith. Blakemore's research covers the development of social cognition and decision-making during human adolescence. Blakemore was a scientific consultant on the television documentary The Human Mind in 2003.

Blakemore is a Royal Society University Fellow. In March 2015 Blakemore was the guest on BBC Radio 4's The Life Scientific.


  • Blakemore was awarded the Rosalind Franklin Award in 2013 and the Klaus J. Jacobs Prize in 2015.


She is a member of Royal Society BrainWaves working group for neuroscience and the Royal Society Vision Committee for Maths and Science Education 5-19.



Colin B.

Andrée E. Blakemore