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Scott Kliger

founder , chief technology officer

Scott is an advertising industry pioneer. In 1997, Scott was the original inventor of the precedent-setting Enliven product line for Narrative Communications Corp, a company that he co-founded. Enliven created the ‘rich media’ advertising category on the Internet. Among the many advertising industry firsts that Enliven was responsible for are the first Internet advertisements that contained audio for AT&T Little People campaign.


Scott was CTO of Narrative until it was acquired by Excite@Home in 1998. During his time at Excite@Home Scott was responsible for setting their advertising related technology direction, business development and strategic direction.

Prior to co-founding Narrative Communications in 1995, Scott served as chief architect of Lotus Development’s Next Generation Products Group, where he was responsible for the technical and overall development of the company’s Notes-based eSuite component applications. Before joining Lotus, he was the development team leader for WordPerfect Corp.’s Windows 95 and OS/2 software products. Previously, Scott was IBM’s lead architect for the user interface portion of the OS/2 operating system.