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Sergei Kuzmich Buniachenko


Sergei Buniachenko, USSR Major-general.


Buniachenko, Sergei was born in 1904. Son of a peasant from the Ukraine.


Joined the Communist Party, 1919. Rose rapidly in the Soviet Army. In 1939 in command of a division in Vladivostok, later a member of Marshal Timoshenko’s staff.

Deserted to the Germans at the start of World War II. Promoted by General Vlasov to major-general. Took over command of a volunteer unit, first on the Eastern Front and then in France. Commander of the 1st Division of the ROA organized in 1944-1945 at Muensingen.

Became a bitter enemy of both Stalin and National Socialism. According to those who knew him, he was a short-tempered, strongwilled and powerful personality, and a gifted military commander. After an engagement with the Red Army near Frankfurt/Oder in 1945, led his troops to Czechoslovakia contrary to German orders.

Nearing Prague, he received calls for help from the Czechs, who had started an uprising but had been confronted by elite SS forces. Personally made the decision to help the Czechs, and by his resolute action drove the SS units out of Prague (which was the last engagement of World War II in Europe). At the end of World War II, handed over with his soldiers to SMERSH by the US Army authorities.

Tried at Lubianka prison and hanged with Vlasov and his other co-defendants.