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Sergei Fedorovich Medunov


Sergei Medunov, USSR Politician.


Medunov, Sergei was born in 1915.


Graduated from the Party High School of the Central.


Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Teacher, 1931-1939. Served in the Soviet Army, 1939-1947. After the war, held senior party posts in the Ukraine and Crimea.

1st secretary of Sochi City Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee, 1959-1969. Chairman of the Krasnodar Krai Executive Committee of Workers Deputies, 1969-1973. Brezhnev’s protege until his death.

His last post was as Deputy Minister of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. In early 1983, fired by Andropov from the Central Committee, accused of bribe-taking and corruption.